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Due to the implementation of the POPI Act on the 30th of June 2021, we have had to create a privacy policy, as well as this little document to explain what we do with your information.

We do not collect any of your information unless you fill in the Pop Up that asks if you want to receive emails from us, or unless you fill in your details for an order.

Only register on the website with your email address and a password! Do not register using Facebook or Google.

We will never ask for your ID number.

Due to the new POPI act, we require all of our customers to read our Privacy Policy, and to fill in the consent form

This helps us know how to process your information, and what we need to do with your information.

As of July 1st, we will not be accepting any new members unless the consent form has been completed.

In order for new members to join, they will have to fill in the Consent Form, and apply to join the website. If the member application information matches that on the Consent Form, then you will be allowed to order from our website.

Please accept our sincerest apologies regarding all of this.

Your Information

The information we need and why we need it:

Your physical address To send you your parcel
Your email address To send you your Invoice
To inform you about our latest products
Your Phone Number To contact you in the event of a problem with your order

Other information we might need as well as why and when:

What When Why
Your ICE Contact Names and Details Your order a custom engraving and choose to give us this information To engrave them on your custom medical necklace or bracelate

What we do with your information:

  • We use your information to send your order to you
  • We add your information to our contacts list for ease of communication
  • We keep your information in a database to keep track of our customers
  • We keep track of your orders
  • Our website analyzes all of our customers’ information, and gives us reports on the customers with the most orders as well as customers that have spent the most money
  • Our website gives us the most visited pages, areas with the most customers, as well as the most popular products based on collective purchases by customers

How we protect your information:

All printed information is kept in a locked office on our premises. The premises itself is protected with burglar bars, an alarm system, and electric fencing. The area where our premises is situated is patrolled 24/7 by armed security guards.

Any digital information is kept in the cloud.

All our devices are password protected.

Due to the nature of the internet, we can never guarantee the safety of your personal information, no company is fully able to.

Read our Privacy Policy | Shortened Privacy Policy | Fill in the Consent Form

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