Stevia Sweet Leaf Extract Liquid Sweetener


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LOW GI / NO CANE SUGAR. Stevia is often touted as a safe and healthy sugar substitute that can sweeten up foods without the negative health effects linked to refined sugar. It’s also associated with several impressive health benefits, such as reduced calorie intake, controlled blood sugar levels, no risk of cavities, lowered total cholesterol and triglycerides with no negative side effects and no carbohydrates. Stevia is a zero-calorie plant extract that is safe for people with diabetes and is not cancerous, in fact, the FDA recognized stevia as generally safe.

6 Drops (240mg) equals 1tsp Cane Sugar (approximately).

Use this versatile sweetener to reduce kilojoules in your foods, beverages and cooked, baked or may be used in frozen products too.

Kosher and Halal.

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