CHRISTMAS BAUBLES ADVENT CALENDAR for people living with diabetes


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This is something everyone living with diabetes would want… 1st EVER in South Africa – a Sugar Free Christmas Baubles Advent Calendar.
A beautifully decorated Box with a Santa Waybill on the front, filled with handcrafted and labelled Christmas Baubles (each meticulously cut, stamped, folded and glued over the course of several weeks) filled with delicious sugar free chocolate for every day leading to Christmas. Plus a large Chocolate in a Bauble just for Christmas Day. (All other sugar advent Calendar’s only go up to day 24… well ours doesn’t = big smiles).
Tempered Chocolate in beautiful different characters is wrapped in delicate foil and then carefully placed in each Bauble. Hang the Baubles on your Christmas Tree and let the lucky person search for the one that matches the date, open and enjoy.
Absolute Bliss!!! ALL MADE WITH LOVE.

Weight 0.22 kg
Dimensions 24 × 24 × 6 cm


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