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First Aid in a Bottle!
Trifectiv Plus Wound and Burn Care spray feels gentle on the skin, but is a powerful antiseptic solution that combats infection, inflammation and biofilm. It is suitable for any skin trauma – from minor scrapes, grazes and mozzie bites, to more serious conditions like bed sores and diabetic leg ulcers. So simple to use, and up to 70% faster healing than traditional wound care methods – no home or first aid kit should be without it!
The active ingredient is medical grade hypochlorous acid (HOCl). The only other ingredient is purified water (H2O). The solution is 100% non-cytotoxic, which means that it is proven not to cause any damage to the skin tissue. The spray is 100% safe for the whole family, including babies and children, and animals of course.
The most common indications include:
– Burns, minor and serious
– Sunburn
– Acute wounds, cuts, scrapes and grazes
– Chronic wounds, diabetic and venous ulcers, pressure sores
– Surgical wounds, with or without stitches
– Skin and nail infections, bacterial and fungal including athlete’s foot
– Skin rashes
– Nappy rash
– Shingles
– Insect and spider bites
– Inflammatory conditions like chilblains
– Mouth ulcers and sore throats
Nappi coded (reimbursement varies across medical aids).
Effective against bacterial/ fungal/ viral pathogens. Sting free & reduces pain quickly.
Hypoallergenic, vegan, cruelty free, environmentally friendly and microbiome friendly.
Free from fragrance, alcohol, sulphates, SLS, pesticides, silicon.
There are 2 ways to use Trifectiv Plus:
1) Spray – for minor wounds, burns, and skin conditions every 2-3 hours. Do not rub, allow to dry naturally.
2) Closed dressing – for more serious wounds.
Detailed instructions included with product.
Water: 99.962%
Hypochlorous acid: 0.038%

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